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July 24, 2011

No Stuffing Pet ToysHave you been thinking about trying the no stuffing plush pet toys but you were’t quite sure where to buy them?  First Rate Pets has a big assortment of stuffingless dog toys that you and your pet will absolutely love because they’re 0% stuffing but 100% fun!  We have all different styles and sizes for all size dogs and cats love them, too!  And they’re made by Spot Brand-a company you know and trust!

April 11, 2010

Pet Toys for Cats and Kittens

Cats just naturally love all kinds of toys, but they also insist on high quality fun toys that keep them interested.  You can’t go wrong with toys that are motion activated and especially ones that have a little catnip to keep them happy.  Cats naturally have that hunting instinct and anything that moves on its own or has that appealing aroma of catnip will keep them alert and happily playing for hours!  Be sure to check out the new collection of toys that are made especially for cats and kittens at First Rate Pets!

Stuffing Free Plush Pet Toys

Now more than ever, plush pet toys without the messy stuffing have beome a favorite toy for dogs and their owners.  Not only do they offer your pet hours of great fun, but they don’t have all of that messy stuffing that most dogs (and cats) love to pull out and spread all over your house.  These stuffing free plush toys bring out your pet’s natural hunting instinct and last much longer than conventional plush pet toys and they feature fun and playful squeakers to keep your pet interested and playing happily while shaking, flopping, and chewing on their new favorite toy!  Be sure to check out these high quality brand name stuffing free plush pet toys and you’ll wonder why you didn’t give your pet one sooner!

March 11, 2010

No Stuffing Dog Toys

Has the cold weather kept your pet indoors?  If so, your pet is probably suffering from cabin fever just like you!  The best cure is to buy them new toys to keep them happily occupied while indoors!  There are so many toys to choose from at First Rate Pets.   You and your pet will appreciate the high quality and fast shipping and you can even find toys that are perfect for indoors or outdoors.  Whether your pet loves soft plush toys or toys they can really sink their teeth into, think of First Rate Pets first for all of your pet’s toys.

September 26, 2009

fetch dog toys

Playing “fetch” games provides some good exercise for your puppy. It also provides a good way to get those toys back so you don’t end up getting all the exercise.In the beginning, roll the fetch toy away from the puppy and let him get it. When he picks it up, say, “Fetch!” so he begins to associate the command with the action. Then praise him with an excited voice.As he gets older, throw the toy a little farther. When he brings it back, give lots of praise and let your puppy play with the toy for a few minutes so he gains some benefit from his effort of retrieving it. If he doesn’t bring it back, use a long lead attached to his collar. Gently reel your puppy in with the toy and praise him for coming back. Touch him, but avoid his head so he doesn’t think you’re going to immediately take the toy from him. Some puppies enjoy the chase of the toy and retrieving it and want you to throw it back immediately. Others want the toy with less chasing and retrieving.Once he’s had a minute or so to play with the toy, puppy may drop it on his own. If he does, say ‘Drop’ to reinforce the behavior. If he doesn’t drop it on his own, get a light grip on the toy and give the command to drop. Praise him when he lets go of it and throw it again.

September 26, 2009

Prevent puppy from chewing and destroying your house and belongings by providing proper training and chew toys. Afterall, chewing and playtime are part of normal puppy growth and development.


Provide several of a variety of toys for your puppy.-Teach your puppy to play with these toys.-Praise puppy every time you see him chewing or playing with his toys on his own.-Teach your puppy to get a toy to greet you. Each time your pup runs up to greet you or anyone else, encourage him to find and get a toy. All humans, especially the owners should always be greeted by a dog with toy in mouth.-Any area that the pup has access to must be kept clear and clean. Put out of puppy’s reach anything you don’t want him to chew or destroy, such as trash, shoes, hazards, etc. Your dog does not know what is valuable or dangerous and what is not.-If you find your puppy with your best shoe in mouth, distract him away from it and replace the shoe with one of his toys. Praise him for chewing his toy. Do not reprimand him for chewing your shoe. Reprimand yourself for leaving it out where he could find it.-Booby traps items and articles to show your puppy that these things are no fun to chew, in fact, they are an annoyance even to touch.


-Do not allow unsupervised access to ‘unchewables.’-Do not chase the puppy in an attempt to take something away.-Do not reprimand excessively. A verbal warning should be enough. A loud startling noise is even better. It gets the puppy’s attention without the puppy associating it with you. As soon as the puppy is distracted, show him what to chew and praise him for chewing it.


July 28, 2009

Dog ToysYour dog always loves to play with all kinds of toys, but these days it’s important to make those toys last!  You should always have different types of toys for your pet to play with such as chewing toys for puppies or big chewers, hide and seek toys to keep them active and challenged, soft plush toys for having fun and for babying, and of course the all important interactive toys where you and your pet can have lots of active personal play time!  The key is to only let your pet have a couple of toys at a time for a week or so  and then rotate them to different toys for another week.  Your pet will be amazed and they will think they’re getting new toys all of the time!  It will save lots of wear and tear on your pet’s toys and will keep them interested in playing with their toys thus keeping them from chewing up or playing with things they shouldn’t.  Always make sure that the toys you buy are suitable for your pet’s size and activity level.  One last important note:  Dog toys are very important in keep your pet happy, active, and enjoying themselves and for enjoying playtime with you.  There is no end to the kind of dog toys you can find to suit your taste and your dog’s preferences.

June 23, 2009

Kyjen frozen dog treat kit.I think most all dogs and puppies love ice, I know mine do!  Everytime they hear me open the freezer door, they’re right there behind me waiting for that nice cold ice cube! The only problem is, the cube is too big for them to chew and they usually end up melting on the floor leaving a mess!  The resuable Kyjen fill and freeze kit takes care of that and they make bone shaped frozen treats that your pet can easily chew and enjoy and there’s no end to what you can use to make your best friend a frozen treat during this hot weather!  You can use any kind of broth or juice or you can use my dog’s favorite treat Frosty bones.  All you need to do is mix a large container of yogurt with ground carrots, apples or lightly cooked ground liver then fill the Kyjen fill and freeze and when frozen, your dog will wonder how he got so lucky to deserve such a wonderful treat!

Dog Toys For Playing Outside

Author: PetsRule
May 18, 2009

Dog Fetch ToyWarm weather is finally here!  It’s time to get outside and have some fun with your best friend and get rid of that cabin fever!  There are so many things that you and your dog or puppy can do outside whether it’s at the park, the lake, or even in your own backyard.  Now is a good time to teach your dog to play fetch if they don’t already know how or to play their favorite game of tug o war or just about anything.  There are lots of high quality dog toys that are made especially for outside play and even toys that float in the water so your dog can have hours of fun playing in or out of the water

So be sure to have lots of different outside dog toys to ensure you and your dog or puppy can enjoy the nice weather together and to get that much needed exercise that’s good for both of you!  You’re dog will love spending the time with you and the attention that you give him.