Dog Dental Health

Author: petlady
December 15, 2013


Synergy Labs – Dental Fresh Plaque & Tartar

It’s the world’s first toothbrush in a bottle. Eliminates plaque, tartar and odor causing organisms. Oral health and hygiene are as important for your pet as they are for you. Because pets don’t brush their teeth, they need regular dental cleanings from their veterinarian. Between visits, pets should be given Dental Fresh every day. This product is a confirmed winner. It’s proven to help clean and whiten teeth, protect gums, and improve oral health. Every dog and cat in America should have Dental Fresh in its water bowl – every day. We’re learning that for pets, just like humans, good oral hygiene has a huge impact on overall health and longevity. That’s why daily use is so important and beneficial and you can find it at First Rate Pets!

December 14, 2013

42997_pidFirst Rate Pets is always adding new and great pet supplies for your dog/puppy and cat/kitten!  Recently they have added new pet dishes that will look with great in any decor and have your pets in mind for healthy happy dining!  Check them out at First Rate Pets now!

Know When To Call The Vet

Author: petlady
December 5, 2013

It is always a good idea to call your vet when you notice unusual symptoms or behavior in your pet.  If your find lumps, bumps, or swelling on your pet or if they suddenly start limping or show stiffness when getting up or walking, it’s a good idea to check it out.  If your notice a loss of appetite in your pet for more than 24 hours, or sudden weight gain or loss, or if they are vomiting, or have diarrhea for more than 12 hours, you should consult with a vet as soon as possible.

Also, remember, when you are looking for toys, dishes, or anything else for your pet, think of First Rate Pet Supplies   FIRST!!

When pets seek attention when you’re not around, they look to their surroundings for something to do.  Often it can be shoes, socks, yarn and plastic bags which are undesirable for cats and dogs.  Provide enough toys and activites to relieve their boredom and to help keep your pet alert and excercised.  Providing opportunities for play and activity will keep your pet healthy, happy and entertained.  Be sure to check out First Rate Pets for toys for all cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies.

October 22, 2012

cat grass


First Rate Pets has just added lots of healthy and wholesome treats and snacks for your pets! You can even grow your own indoor grass to keep your cats and kittens out of your household plants which could be dangerous for your pets!  Be sure to go to First Rate Pets for all of your pet’s treats and as always, there is flat rate shipping for all orders big or small!